Directional Spots

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Unit:  Set of 8

Bright-colored direction markers easily steer students where they need to be!

These vibrant, durable poly spots featuring directional commands will show your students the way! Use them to easily set up fun games and activities that get hearts pumping, to take the hassle out of organizing groups and teams, or give students bright visual aids to show them where to go next!

Whether counting heads before a field trip or guiding students through a PE circuit or game, these vinyl arrows make it easier than ever to control the class. Bold directional prompts from straight arrows to U-turns offer maximum versatility.

Tough vinyl construction won't rip or tear and keeps arrows in place wherever you put them. Exciting colors are easy to pick out on any surface and draw students' attention. Available in a Set of 8. Stop Sign is 8-3/4" dia. Arrows average 12"L.

Set includes:

  • Straight Arrow, 2 Ea
  • Two-Way Arrow, 1 Ea
  • Left Arrow, 1 Ea
  • Right Arrow, 1 Ea
  • Left U-Turn Arrow, 1 Ea
  • Right U-Turn Arrow, 1 Ea
  • Stop Sign, 1 Ea