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Detonate VariBar Multi Grip Bar

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Perform a wide range of lifts with this versatile weight lifting bar!

Great for all lifters, this multi-grip bar’s neutral grip offers an excellent variation to traditional straight bars and reduces stress on the shoulders. Use it for overhead presses, bent over rows, bench presses, curls, and more.

Due to the design of the bar, users are able to reduce shoulder stress by using a neutral grip instead of a pronated or supinated grip. Multiple anchor points help lifters target different muscle groups. Use the close grip handles to target and grow the triceps, and a wide grip to target pectoral muscles. Powder-coated black steel provides lasting durability. The bar is fully rackable on any standard squat or bench stand. Bar is 75”L x 11-1/2”W x 3”H; 52-1/2 lb.