Detonate Speed Chutes

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Maximize speed and acceleration through resisted-run training.

Take Training Up a Notch

Speed chutes provide instant resistance by creating drag, requiring athletes to work harder. The overcompensation for added drag helps athletes train their bodies to perform beyond what was previously possible. Gain strength, explosiveness, speed, and stamina with regular speed chute training.

Designed for Easy Use

These tough nylon chutes fully open as soon as students off, creating instant drag that acclimates pace. Durable belt features an adjustable quick-release buckle, and a metal D-ring anchor point swivels 360° for resistance in any direction. Attach multiple chutes with this tangle-free design.

To make things even easier, we included a 6-week training plan that starts with basic drills and instruction builds up to challenging activities that will leave students huffing and puffing. When training is done, chutes neatly fold for easy storage in an included bag.

Chute Size Chart

Athlete WeightBeginnerIntermediateAdvanced
Under 170 lbs.SS, MM, L
170 to 210 lbs.S, MM, LL, XL
Over 210 lbs.M, LL, XLS, M, L, XL

Size Specs

Small15 lb resistance*40" dia
Medium25 lb resistance*48" dia
Large35 lb resistance*56" dia
X-Large50 lb resistance*72" dia
*Approximate - Depends on speed of the athlete.