Detonate LocDown Collars

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Max-grip rubber interior ensures the best fit and grip.

This durable ABS collar is the best Olympic barbell collar we offer, featuring an easy-to-use cam locking system that grips your bars tightly and safely. Its rubber interior ensures a snug fit and will not scratch bars.

Unique Design

Secure and remove these collars with one hand! Their unique design allows them to sit on the bar and be locked down by pressing down the long red lever. Simply lift the lever up again to unlock the collar for easy removal.


  • Made of a durable ABS plastic, this collar offers little flex without breaking or cracking under pressure/load.
  • A rubber max grip interior ensures a tight grip to the bar and stays in place through even the most intense lifting sessions. Other clamps simply screw to the bar, which severely damages it, whereas a rubber liner is safer and more secure.
  • The collar is guaranteed to keep weight plates on the bar, preventing them from sliding off and potentially injuring someone.
  • Available as a pair.