Deluxe Recess Pack

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Offers the same great recess activities as the Recess Pack with upgraded equipment and quantities.

A superior selection of recess equipment for schools, all rolled into a convenient pack that will accommodate a wide range of activities and age groups! Premium rubber balls ensure longevity for institutional play.


  • This pack features footballs, soccer balls, basketballs, rubber playground balls, cones and markers, jump ropes, throwing discs, and more!
  • Wide variety of equipment provides enough options to keep kids excited for recess every day.
  • Equipment is sized to accommodate a wide age range of students from elementary age to junior and high school.

Equipment for all Activities

Featuring 79 different pieces of equipment, this pack is designed to keep students engaged and moving during their before, during, and after school recess time! The variety of equipment allows for single player games, partner activities, group events, and encourages entire class participation at every level of play. In addition to the various balls and ropes offered in this pack, cones and markers provide structure and organization to games of all types.

Upgraded from our Recess Pack, these premium rubber and foam balls are durable for long-lasting use. Bigger quantities of products in a variety of sizes keeps the entire class active and engaged during recess.

Pack includes:

  • UltraPlay Basketballs, Set of 4 (2 Ea Size 5, 6)
  • UltraPlay Soccer Balls (Size 4), 2 Ea
  • Rainbow Spiral Foam Football (Junior), Color Varies, 1 Ea
  • Deluscious Foam Soccer Balls (Size 4), 2 Ea
  • Deluscious Foam Footballs (Junior), 2 Ea
  • Rainbow Utility Balls (8.5" dia), Set of 2 (1 Ea Red, Yellow)
  • Gopher Playground Balls (8.5" dia), Set of 2 (1 Ea Red, Yellow)
  • Rainbow AirMaster Discs, Set of 24
  • Rainbow Twirl 'n' Jump, Set of 12
  • UltraGrip Foam Baseball Ball (Blue), Set of 2 (1 Ea 24"L, 29"L)
  • Premiere Throw-Down Bases (Orange), Set of 4
  • Orange Vinyl Cones (6"H), Set of 6
  • EZ Turn Segmented Jump Ropes, Set of 18 (6 Ea 7'L, 8'L, 16'L)
  • VersaBag Mesh Storage Bag, 1 Ea