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CROSSNET Soccer Game Set

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Enjoy a fast-paced CROSSNET game using a unique net that divides the court into four quadrants!

Introduce players to soccer using a four-way soccer training net. Play begins when a player kicks the ball diagonally over the net into another square. When there’s one player in each square, they need to kick the back over the net in one kick. If playing in teams, each gets up to three kicks per side to return the ball. If a ball lands in a square, the last player/team to hit the ball earns a point. Players rotate to a new square after each volley. The first team to score 11 points, wins! The net is also the perfect tool for learning about juggling and advancing soccer skills through training.

It takes just 5 minutes to set up the net, ensuring training and game play can get started quickly. Complete Set includes net (11'6"L x 11'6"W x 36"H), poles, storage bag for easy transport, and activity instructions. Entire system is 16 lb.