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Makerspace COVID Desk Stickers

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Reusable stickers distinguish various areas and stations of any makerspace.

Clearly designate spaces for specific tasks or items to keep any makerspace organized, clean, and safe. All stickers have an easy-peel film that clings to smooth surfaces, peels away easily, and is reusable.

COVID Desk Sticker Options:

  • Tools. Designate an area for tools that have been sanitized and tools that still need to be cleaned. 6” x 3”. Available in a Pair.
  • No Work Zone. Bold, red design clearly labels where students should not be working. 6” x 6”. Available in a Set of 6.
  • Workspace. Blue design designates up to 12 areas where students can work. 24” x 2”. Available in a Set of 12.
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