Cosom Plastic-Shaft Floor Hockey Sticks

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Lightweight ABS-plastic floor hockey sticks for elementary through senior high action.

These high-impact, rigid sticks supply the feel, feedback, and power needed for all ages. They feature fiberglass blades that have been reinforced with polyethylene to hold up to rigorous use.


  • The ABS shaft is durable and absorbs impact to maintaining its shape and construction.
  • A fiberglass blade is the most durable option for stick blades. This blade is also reinforced with polyethylene for greater flex and to absorb impact.
  • End cap protect users from sharp edges.
  • This stick is suitable for low-key games of floor, street, or roller hockey.

Set Options

12-Player Set includes:

  • Sticks (36"L) 12 Ea
  • Pucks, 3 Ea
  • Extra Blades, 2 Ea
  • Instructions

14-Player Sets include:

  • Sticks (43"L or 47"L), 12 Ea 
  • Goalie Sticks, 2 Ea
  • Extra Blades, 2 Ea
  • Pucks and Balls, 2 Ea w/ 43”L Set, 3 Ea w/ 47”L Set
  • Instructions