TRX Commercial Suspension Trainers

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The most innovative, durable TRX trainer!

Designed for group and routine use, this suspension trainer features upgraded rubber handles with antimicrobial technology to keep the handles comfortable and prevent the spread of germs. A new adjustable foot strap with anti-slip texturing provides a proper, secure fit. Anchor this system just about anywhere, and use it for a limitless number of exercises to improve strength, flexibility, balance, and more!

Versatile Trainer

This single, and small, piece of equipment has an unlimited number of training possibilities! Anchor it almost anywhere and suspend your body weight to develop balance, flexibility, and core strength, without using multiple machines. Extremely portable and versatile, it’s easy to use in multiple areas with multiple ages!

Top-Notch Design

No other trainer on the market combines the level of comfort, adjustability, and durability found in this trainer. Its heavy-duty nylon straps are designed for institutional use and hold up to the stress and pressure created from suspension training. It accommodates hundreds of movements that challenge the core, shoulders, back, hips, and legs in a matter of minutes! Its upgraded antimicrobial handles feature padding for increased support and comfort while also preventing the spread of bacteria, which is key in large-group settings. Adjustable foot cradles and an anti-slip texture provide users with safety and security and make it even easier for multiple users to train with this one tool. A locking carabiner prevents unauthorized removal of the system so it can be left anchored between classes. The six-pack includes a wheeled duffle for easy storage and transportation, while the 12-pack includes a wheeled storage tote that locks to keep equipment secure.

Pack Options

  • 6-Pack. Includes 6 trainers, XMount anchors, Xtender straps, and a DuraBag wheeled duffel.
  • 12-Pack. Doubles the contents and upgrades storage to a Pro-Tuff Storage Bin.