Coaching Sticks

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Unit:  Set of 6

Agility training aid helps enhance ball handling and plyometric skills.

Use these soccer training sticks upright as obstacle course markers or for goal keeper training. You can also use them horizontally as hurdles to develop agility and leaping skills.

Enhance Soccer Drills

Use coaching sticks for agility drills to help players increase their foot speed. Set up these soccer sticks in a slalom course to help with dribbling and ball handling skill progression. These skills will carry over into games, keeping students more reactive and agile in game situations.

Durable Construction

PVC poles resist cracking and breaking, while also offering a rigid structure. The staked ends feature a small, metal lip to apply pressure at the end of the stick for easy insertion into the ground. The bright yellow color makes them easy to see. Each stick measures 60"H x 1" dia; 7 lb.