Clipboard with Timer

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Clipboard with a built-in, full-function stopwatch and calculator.

This clipboard timer is great for timing individual players during practice or in competition, and allows users to quickly take notes at the same time. With a calculator also built in, this clipboard consolidates critical equipment for coaches and teachers into a single convenient device.

Built-in Timekeeping

Instead of having to cradle a stopwatch in their hand and try to take notes at the same time, coaches can quickly start/stop timing, keeping their hands free to make notes for later. With 1/100 second precision timing and the ability to time single events and multiple splits, the built-in stopwatch is a great tool for coaches seeking quantitative information to help athletes improve.

The stopwatch can be both battery or solar powered. A LR1130 battery is included.

Consolidated Features

Three integral sports tools come together to become an ideal piece of equipment for track and field games, distance events, and other activities that require timing. There is also a calculator at the top and a ruler along one edge. All of these features consolidated together mean fewer items to keep track of, giving coaches and teachers more focus on what's happening right in front of them.

Measuring 14"L x 9"W—larger than the size of a standard sheet of paper—documents and papers can be clipped to the board without edges hanging over the sides of the clipboard.