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ClassPlus Yoga Mat Packs

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Complete packs of our premium yoga mats hold their own as your class holds its pose.

Complement your yoga lessons for elementary students with comprehensive mat packs that give your students an immersive introduction to yoga in school! Packs come with everything needed to teach yoga and are designed to support your entire class.

Mats for the Whole Class

Roll out yoga mats for your entire class with comprehensive yoga mat packs of 12 or 24. These packs allow every student to experience the benefits of focus, concentration, stability, spatial awareness, and increased core strength. Outside of yoga, these mats can be used for basic stretching, Pilates, plyometrics and more, making them an integral part of your curriculum.

Choose between four mat types for your students:

  • ExerFit mats are our best entry-level mats in fun colors.
  • UltraFit mats offer enough cushion and stability to help students focus on learning poses.
  • EcoFit mats feature latex and chemical-free materials for versatile applications.
  • Instrux mats have poses printed right on them, so students can improve as they practice.

Comprehensive Solution

In addition to mats, these yoga packs include everything needed to start teaching yoga. An instructional DVD offers visual guidance for students to improve as they practice. Wall charts break down specific poses including the pose name, start position, and how the pose should be performed. 24-packs include a cart for transportation and storage. Deluxe packs add stabilizing blocks for students with less flexibility to start.

Pack Options

  • Basic Packs. Include:
    • Mats, 10 or 24 Ea
    • UltraFit Yoga Charts, Set of 3
    • Instructional DVDs, Set of 3
    • Music DCs, Set of 3
  • Deluxe Packs. Include:
    • Mats, 10 or 24 Ea
    • UltraFit Yoga Charts, Set of 3
    • Instructional DVDs, Set of 3
    • Music CDs, Set of 3
    • Stabilizing Blocks (9"L x 6"W x 3"H), 10 or 24 Ea
  • 10-Student Packs. Include 10 Yoga Mats and Accessories (Basic or Deluxe).
  • 24-Student Packs. Include 24 Yoga Mats, a Magnus ABS Mobile Yoga Cart (30-3/4"L x 16-1/2"W x 5'H), and Accessories (Basic or Deluxe).
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