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ClassPlus Warrior HQ Conditioning Rope Packs

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The ultimate rope training solution to give your entire class a high-octane workout!

Swing into action with one of our battle rope packs that set up quickly and contain everything you need for conditioning rope exercises. After class, everything packs away on a convenient cart for safe and effective storage.

Great for the Whole Class

This complete conditioning rope pack accommodates up to 10 students at once, allowing you to instruct small groups with ease—especially in circuit training settings. From slams to waves, these packs offer the equipment, instruction, and storage necessary to teach myriad conditioning techniques to the whole class. Whether training new users or looking for battle-tested ropes that go as hard as your warriors do, we have the pack for you. Choose between two types of conditioning ropes in your desired thickness.

Packs come with your choice of conditioning rope:

  • Warrior Apprentice (1" dia) ropes are for younger or beginner users.
  • Warrior Ropes (1-1/2" or 2" dia) are for our best training rope.

Full Instruction Included

Station boards relay essential information about exercises to students. Each board features images of each exercise and a detailed description. Teacher cards include additional information to help you maximize workouts from start to finish. Station boards feature 16 exercises in total.

Complete Storage Capabilities

Designed to be self-containing, this battle rope circuit features a complete storage solution to make cleanup quick and easy. All 10 ropes store conveniently on a moving cart that keeps everything off of the floor and safely contained, eliminating unnecessary wear and the potential for hazards when navigating storage.

Pack Options

All packs include:

  • HQ Anchor Station, 1 Ea
  • Recoil Mobile Rack, 1 Ea
  • Rainbow SmartHolder Cones, Set of 12
  • Station Boards/Cards
  • Ropes, Set of 10