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ClassPlus UltraNet Max Tennis Packs

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Complete solution to teaching tennis, with all the necessary equipment and a net system with maximum durability!

For facilities without dedicated tennis courts, these packs make it easy to set up and start playing. Featuring a range of portable tennis equipment, two versions accommodate students with everything needed to teach the fundamentals, set up matches, and perfect skills.

Set up multiple tennis courts in an instant with durable UltraNet Max Systems. The frame pipes securely lock into place to prevent any hazards, and the net easily adjusts to the desired height with hook-and-loop fasteners. Powder-coated, 1-1/2" square steel tubing frames are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

Choose between 4-Court Basic Packs and 6-Court Premium Packs, depending on the size of your class knowing that everyone will have a racquet and a spot on the court. Each includes custom storage designed to protect, transport, and organize all your tennis equipment. Elementary/Middle School option includes shorter racquets ideal for younger students and slower play. Jr High/High School option includes longer racquets designed for a higher level of play and advanced students.

Pack Options:

  • Elementary/Middle School Packs include Gopher Oversized Junior Aluminum Tennis Racquets (25"L).
  • Jr High/High School Packs include Gopher Oversized Aluminum Tennis Racquets (27"L).
  • Basic Packs include:
    • Net Systems, 4 Ea
    • Racquets, 16 Ea
    • Practice Tennis Balls, 72 Ea
    • Pressureless Tennis Balls, 72 Ea
    • RacquetJacket Storage Bag, 1 Ea
  • Premium Packs include:
    • Net Systems, 6 Ea
    • Racquets, 24 Ea
    • Practice Tennis Balls, 144 Ea
    • Pressureless Tennis Balls, 144 Ea
    • RacquetKing Tennis Storage Cart, 1 Ea