ClassPlus Skate Pass Land Paddle Packs

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Make waves ashore with paddleboarding brought to land!

Land paddling is an outstanding full-body activity that helps develop balance, coordination, and spatial awareness. Students use the Adjustable Kahuna Land Paddle to gain momentum and balance while guiding the Longboard.

Convenient Packs

Both pack options have enough land paddle equipment for 12 students, including boards, paddles, helmets, and protective gear. An instructional DVD and teacher curriculum and lesson plans are also included. Available in an elementary or junior/senior high version so you can select safety equipment with a perfect fit! Graphics may vary.

Durable Construction

The Kahuna Land Paddle has a gym-floor-friendly bottom that makes it safe on any surface while protecting floors. Wider, longer Longboards have softer wheels and larger trucks than traditional skateboards for more stability indoors and out. Longboards feature a nonslip surface for safety. Longboard is 43”L. Paddle adjusts from 42”–72”L for the perfect fit.

Pack Options

  • All Packs. Include:
    • Longboards, 12 Ea
    • Adjustable Kahuna Land Paddles, 12 Ea
    • Curriculum/Lesson Plan, 1 Ea
    • Instructional DVD, 1 Ea
  • Elementary Pack. Includes:
    • Helmets (9 ea Small, 3 ea medium), Set of 12
    • Knee and Elbow Pads (6 ea Small, 6 ea Medium), 12 Sets
  • Junior/Senior High Pack. Includes:
    • Helmets (3 ea Small, 7 ea Medium, 2 ea Large), Set of 12
    • Knee and Elbow Pads (3 ea Small, 7 ea Medium, 2 ea Large), 12 Sets