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ClassPlus RacqueTree Racquet Packs

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Aim toward fitness with a convenient rack and enough badminton equipment for the entire class!

Get your entire class swinging quickly, choosing from three racquet badminton sets that feature the space-saving RacqueTree Cart for immediate interaction for all children. Simply choose the age-appropriate pack for your class. Available packs include Elementary or High School sized equipment for unmatched play experience. Rainbow options for High Schools allow for even easier organization and set up teams in a flash!

Pack Options:

  • Elementary/Middle School Pack. Includes 48 G1000 Jr Twin-Shaft Steel Racquets (24"L) and 1 RacqueTree Badminton Cart.
  • Jr High/High School Packs. Include 48 G1000 Twin-Shaft Steel Racquets (26"L) in Standard or Rainbow Colors, and 1 RacqueTree Badminton Cart.