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ClassPlus Magnus Golf Pack

Ships Soon, Estimated Ship Date is 06/29/2023
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Pack includes all the equipment needed to implement a golf program in your school!

Get every student in class ready for golf units with an inclusive golf set of essential equipment. It includes everything you need to teach students the fundamentals of golf in an engaging manner.

Two options of balls let teachers and students choose the best option for that day's lesson. Traditional, rewashed balls are great for outdoor play, while plastic balls are ideal for limited space. The turf driving mats get students off on the right foot, while an assortment of golf clubs let them see firsthand how various club types perform. An included shag bag makes retrieving balls easy. Simply push the receiving end down on the ball and watch it disappear inside the bag. The book Golf: Steps for Success walks students through the basics of the game as they develop fundamental skills. Teachers can conveniently store and transport all gear on an included cart. Its ABS tubing construction is strong, while also keeping it lightweight for easy use and mobility.

Pack includes:

  • Assorted Rewashed Golf Balls, 10 doz
  • Plastic Practice Golf Balls, Orange, 20 doz
  • Turf Tee Driving Mats (24"L x 12"W), 12 Ea
  • Golf Clubs, Set of 42
    • Drivers, 5 Ea
    • #3 Woods, 5 Ea
    • #3 Irons, Set of 5 (4 right hand, 1 left hand)
    • #5 Irons, Set of 9 (8 right hand, 1 left hand)
    • #7 Irons, Set of 9 (8 right hand, 1 left hand)
    • #9 Irons, Set of 9 (8 right hand, 1 left hand)
  • Wood Tees, Multicolored, Set of 1,000
  • Golf: Steps to Success Book, 1 Ea
  • Shag Bag, 1 Ea
  • Magnus Golf Cart (51-3/4"L x 26-3/4"W x 44-1/2"H; 39 lb), 1 Ea