ClassPlus IntroFit Circuit Pack

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Easily and effectively introduce the entire class to fitness with this complete pack of premium equipment and detailed instruction!

Students will develop a healthy appreciation for fitness thanks to the numerous inviting equipment options in this pack. Designed specifically for teaching physical fitness in elementary schools, the friendly design and structured circuit layout set the tone for a thorough understanding of fitness basics.

Accommodates Larger Groups

Teach young students the basics of fitness using the wide range of friendly exercise equipment and instruction in this comprehensive circuit pack. It's easy to involve the whole class in focused activities with comprehensive instruction specifically designed for elementary school users.

Fitness stations for elementary school allow teachers to involve every student while observing the entire class. Station Boards provide concise instruction for a variety of simple fitness exercises tailored for young students, so anyone can start practicing without asking for help. As students are practice, teachers can walk from station to station, helping where needed.

Non-Intimidating Equipment

All of the individual items included within this pack are designed specifically for elementary school fitness programs. Thanks to lighter weights, softer materials, and clear instruction cards, the intimidation factor is removed, encouraging students to get familiar with fitness. With the fear of abrasive or heavy equipment gone, the focus shifts to proper form and appropriate equipment usage, which sets the tone for future fitness involvement.

Pack Options

  • Circuit Pack. Includes
    • Rainbow IntroFit Stability Balls, 55 cm, Set of 6
    • IntroFit EZ Balance Stability Ball, 50 cm, 1 ea
    • UltraFit ClassStep Fitness Steps, 6"H, 6 ea
    • Rainbow ExerFit Balance Discs, 13"H, Set of 6
    • Rainbow IntroFit Agility Ladders, 10', Set of 6
    • Rainbow IntroFit Hurdles, 6'H, Set of 6
    • IntroFit Plyo Boxes, 6", 12", 18", Set of 3
    • Rainbow IntroFit Medicine Balls, 3 lb, Set of 6
    • Rainbow IntroFit Kettle Balls, 3 lb, Set of 6
    • UltraFit Vinyl Coated Dumbbells, 2 lb, Set of 6
    • UltraFit ProStretch Resistance Tubing w/ Plastic Handles, Light, 6 ea
    • Rainbow UltraFit Yoga Mats, 68"L x 24"W, Set of 6
    • Rainbow SmartHolderCones, Set of 12
    • Rainbow VersaBagPlus Mesh Storage Bags, L, Set of 6
    • DuraBagPlus Duffel Bags, XXL, Set of 6
    • IntroFit Posters, Set of 6
    • Station Boards/Cards, Set