ClassPlus FITstep Stream Pedometer Pack

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Our best Gopher pedometer, plus training charts and mobile storage for the best pedometer pack!

This all-inclusive pack includes our best FITstep pedometer, resources, and storage—it's never been easier to track activity and keep it all organized!

Our Best Pedometer

FITstep Stream uses ANT+ wireless technology for instant and simultaneous data transmission for the entire class! By pressing the button on the front of the pedometer, data instantly transmits to the HUB (within 10' of it) and into the FITstep Software for real-time collection and analysis. Stream also tracks all the primary functions of our FITstep family: MVPA, activity time, and total step count. A protective rubber on the top and edges of the pedometer protects it from accidental drops and everyday use and abuse.

Superior Organization

Store the pedometers neatly in the QuickID system that attaches to the included card and features individual numbered pockets. Assign students a number so they simply grab their pedometer before class starts, then quickly put it away when done. It's easy to see if any are missing when class is done! The cart also stores charts, books, and the top doubles as a desk for instant data collection and reporting. Cart supports up to 150 lb and is 32"L x 30"W x 42"H; 40 lb.

Pack includes:

  • FITstep Stream Pedometers, 64 Ea
  • 10-Port USB Hub, 1 Ea
  • FITstep Stream Training Charts, 1 Ea
  • ClassPlus Pedometer Storage Cart, 1 Ea
  • QuickID Pedometer Storage System, 1 Ea
  • Replacement Batteries, 40 Ea