ClassPlus DiamondKing Softball Packs

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Everything you need to equip a full class on 2 softball fields, plus our all-steel, all-terrain DiamondKing Cart to haul it all!

With adult and kids' softball gloves, bats, balls, bases, helmets, and more – this pack has everything you need to get an entire class ready to play softball!

All-in-One Solution

No more searching through storage closets and sheds to pull together equipment for class-wide softball games. This convenient pack features over 65 pieces of equipment so an entire class can play softball on 2 fields. Includes everything from player equipment to field necessities, plus storage!

Convenient Storage

Our heavy-duty, go-anywhere DiamondKing Baseball/Softball Cart keeps your equipment organized and ready to take to the field. Made of steel tubing for extra durability. Easily transport the cart on 12” dia all-terrain back wheels. It includes 2 removable ball baskets, 2 base racks, and a bat rack for ultimate organization.

Premium Equipment

High-quality, durable equipment in this pack is made to withstand institutional play. Use for a single class—or use for every class—the equipment can handle it. All packs include 24 Gopher gloves in 2 sizes, plus batting helmets, slow pitch bats, softball bases, softballs, and storage cart. We offer 3 Packs with the same items, allowing you to choose the pack that best suits your class or program.

Pack Options:

All Packs Include

  • DiamondKing Cart, 1 Ea
  • Rawlings Batter’s Helmets, 8 Ea
  • Grid-Bottom Softball Bases w/ Home Plate, 2 Sets

Elementary/Middle School Pack

  • AllStar Gloves (11"L and 12"L), 24 Ea (20 Right Throw, 4 Left Throw)
  • Easton Softball Bats (32"L/25 oz), 6 Ea
  • Gopher VersaBall Softballs (11" dia), Yellow, 18 Ea
  • Rubber Sponge-Core Softballs (11"dia), White,18 Ea

Middle School/Jr High Pack

  • Impact Zone Gloves (12”L and 13”L), 24 Ea (20 Right Throw, 4 Left Throw)
  • Easton Softball Bats, 6 Ea (3 Ea 33"L/26 oz, 34"L/28 oz)
  • Gopher VersaBall Softballs (11" dia), 18 Ea
  • Rubber Sponge-Core Softballs, 18 Ea (9 Ea 11", 12" dia)

Jr High/High School Pack

  • Black Diamond Gloves (13”L and 14”L), 24 Ea (20 Right Throw, 4 Left Throw)
  • Easton Softball Bats (34”L/28 oz), 6 Ea
  • Gopher Softballs (12" dia), 18 Ea
  • Rubber Sponge-Core Softballs (12" dia, White), 18 Ea