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ClassPlus CompleteCourse QuikShot Tour Disc Golf Packs

As low as $959.00

Our most portable and complete disc golf pack to quickly set up a course anywhere and equip players with discs!

Ensure you have everything needed for your disc golf unit with these convenient packs. Teachers can quickly set up a 3- or 9-hole course using folding targets and distribute disc sets to students.

Each pack includes either 3 or 9 portable, pop-up QuikShot Tour Targets. These lightweight targets are easy to carry and quickly unfold for easy setup. The durable aluminum frame includes steel chains to catch discs. A flexible polyester mesh basket with a PVC-backed polyester material makes folding easy.

Packs also include disc sets for each player. Each set includes 3 QuikShot Discs (1 Ea driver, mid-range disc, approach/putting disc) and a convenient storage bag with slots for each disc to carry them around the course.

Pack Options

  • 3-Hole Pack. Includes 3 QuikShot Tour Portable Disc Golf Targets and 12 disc sets (36 discs) with storage.
  • 9-Hole Pack. Includes 9 QuikShot Tour Portable Disc Golf Targets and 24 disc sets (72 discs) with storage.