ClassicPlus Outdoor Basketball Systems

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Thick 4-1/2" post outdoor basketball system with double-rim goal for increased durability.

Take the durability of Classic Systems one step further with a thicker pole, deeper setback, and a chain net! These in-ground basketball goals are great for full-court play outdoors. The 4-1/2" OD galvanized steel post offers incredible stability and durability for the entire system. 4' setback is ideal for fast-paced play and gives players more space between the goal and the post. Double-rim goal and chain net rounds out its resilience during fast-paced institutional play.

Fan-shaped backboards are available with your choice of plain white or target-painted options, in 2 materials. Aluminum is tough and lightweight, while 12-gauge steel provides greater durability.


  • 4-1/2" OD galvanized-steel post
  • Available in 3 options:
    • Aluminum, 54"W x 35"H
      • With Target, 215 lb system
    • Steel, 54"W x 35"H
      • No Target, 240 lb system
      • With Target, 270 lb system
  • Includes post, backboard, heavy-duty double-rim goal, and net
  • 4' setback