Christy Lane's Square Dancing Today Set

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Introduce square dancing in schools through fancy fiddlin' to high-energy techno!

Square dancing is one of the country’s most popular dancing activities for people of all ages! In this set, you have everything you need to learn and teach a number of popular square dancing moves and songs.

Discover Square Dancing Basics

Pat Carnathan, a professional square dancer, lends his expertise to students on the DVD. It covers 21 basic dance calls and moves. The video was shot from above and students can follow dancers according to the color of their clothing. This makes it easy to watch them and learn how they move among each other. DVD is 55 minutes.

The CD includes songs with and without the verbal cues, so teachers or students can be the caller. It features a printable guide with a brief history of square dancing, terminology, positions, how to “call" a dance, what you should wear while square dancing, and more. Also included are step-by-step calls and movements for the 5 included songs, as well as a section on variations, modifications, and ideas for teaching all ages and ability levels.

CD and DVD Track List

  • Shake It Up
  • Two Times
  • Cotton Eyed Joe
  • Techno Blue
  • What a Wonderful World