Christy Lane's Learn the Dances of the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s DVD

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Popular dances of yesteryear come alive!

Dancing through the decades will be a blast with this outstanding DVD collection! All dances are shot with the instructor facing away from the camera, so it's easier to follow along with the movements. DVD is 100 minutes.

Dances of the 50s and 60s

This section of the collection takes you back to the era of poodle skirts and rolled up jeans! Dances include East Coast Swing, Hand Jive, Bunny Hop, The Twist, Monkey, Swim, Mashed Potato, Skate, Shimmy, and more.

Dances of the 70s

Welcome to the Disco Era! Students will be feelin' groovy while dancing some of the most popular moves of the 70's. Dances include The Night Fever Line Dance, the Bus Stop, and many more, with solo dances and popular partner dances.

Dances of the 80s

The 80's were full of funky dancing and parachute pants! Dances include The Running Man, Moonwalk, Funky Twist, New Kids Move, Poppin', Lockin', and more!