CharacterEd Rubber Utility Balls

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Unit:  Set of 6

Tough, three-ply rubber balls have character traits to promote positive values in any activity!

Made to be kicked and used in rough playground games, these utility balls are perfect for just about any activity. Each one features a positive character trait that encourages students to play with sportsmanship.

Promote Positivity

These durable utility balls teach students about important character traits while having fun in a variety of activities! These traits include Respect, Honesty, Sportsmanship, Confidence, Integrity, and Tolerance. The trait is printed on one side of the ball, with its definition printed on the other. Add a twist to kickball by stating that any time the ball is caught in the outfield, students gather together and discuss the word on the ball.

Resilient Design

A durable construction makes these balls the perfect all-around playground ball that holds up to long-term heavy use. The fabric windings and three-ply rubber design makes it thicker than most playground balls, and feature a raised outer texture for easier passing and catching. Vibrant Rainbow colors add fun and are the perfect tool for teachers to split their students into groups to practice different skills.