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ACTION! FlipFrenzy Set

Expected Ship Date 06/30/2024
Unit:  Set

It's an all-out frenzy as players race to beat the clock while flipping discs to reveal their Rainbow color!

Start by scattering vinyl discs around the play area so the gray side is up. As they start flip games, players race to turn over the discs, searching for their team's color. When they find the correct color, they leave the disc color side up. They can also flip discs showing another team's color so the color side is down. Players freeze in place when the teacher signals the end of the game. The team with the most discs facing up in their color, wins! To increase the challenge, encourage players not to slide on their knees or crawl from disc to disc, or have them perform an exercise each time they flip an opponent's discs back to gray.

Speed game set accommodates up to 36 players working in teams of 6, ensuring the entire class can get involved in the nonstop action. Set includes 42 vinyl discs (4" dia x 1"H), a VersaBag mesh storage bag, and activity instructions.