Rainbow UltraCatch Jumbo Scoops Set

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Unit:  Set of 6

Our premium scoops in an easier-to-catch jumbo size!

Serving as an engaging giant scoop ball game for beginners, these oversized scoops are perfect for teaching beginners about hand/eye coordination while learning how to throw and catch. Their friendly size and Rainbow colors make them non-intimidating.

Friendly, Durable Design

These large scoops are lightweight and easy to handle thanks to a streamlined design. Made of durable plastic, these scoops are great for both indoor or outdoor use. Students can grasp the ergonomic grip to quickly field balls and transfer them to their hand.

Oversized scoops encourage students to focus on the core fundamentals of tossing and catching. At 40% larger than UltraCatch Scoops, students don't need to be perfect when scooping balls—the large scoops close any gaps and help students focus on what comes next. The oversized nature of the scoop supports all games and raises the enjoyment level for students as they see results.