Carlton Maxi Blade 4.3 Racquet

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This badminton raquet combines a large hitting area with lightweight aluminum construction!

A balanced design makes this badminton racquet a force on the court for experienced players and beginners alike. They're a great option for schools, teams, and recreational programs! The aluminum and steel construction adds a weighty feel to every swing, while monofilament-nylon strings create responsive and exciting game play.


  • 26"L Frame
  • Aluminum and Premium Steel Construction
  • Monofilament Nylon Strings
  • 3.7 oz

Balanced for All Players

Beginner badminton players will love the lightweight 3.7 oz construction and competitive athletes will be impressed by the swift accuracy and power of this racquet. A steel shaft creates stability for swinging and smashing, while an aluminum head quickly slices through the air to channel speed and power into every hit. At a full 26"L, racquets will meet the needs of beginners and intermediates alike. Ideal for students 11 years and older.

Responsive Handling

An isometric head provides a wider margin of error for students to strike shuttlecocks with conviction and keep the game flowing. Monofilament strings add a pop to serves, saves, and volleys. The prominent weight of the frame returns valuable feedback to players, focusing their attention and helping them improve their techniques.