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Gopher Safety Squat Bar

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Durable, padded squat bar makes squatting more comfortable than regular bars.

Squat without feeling the bar pressing down against your neck and shoulders! This padded squat bar features molded-in, easy-to-clean padding that evenly distributes weight and keeps the barbell off your skin. Handles angle toward the front, making them easy to hold. Superior construction means it'll stand up to consistent wear in your weight room.

Comfortable and Safe

The U-shaped padding protects the user's neck and shoulders from discomfort caused by heavy bars. Teach the basics of squatting to new athletes by allowing them to focus on their form, not discomfort.

A cambered design holds the load in front of a user, encouraging them to use their entire back throughout the movement and increasing the strength of their posterior chain. This promotes better balance and body control, increasing strength and mitigating risk of injury. Handles jut out front, making the bar easy to hold and safer to squat with.

Extreme Durability

Molded-in padding is non-absorbant and easy to clean. Wrapped in vinyl, padding won't break down over time or rip at the seams. It's also pick-proof and polished to maintain a high-level aesthetic over time.

Padded squat bar holds up to 1,000 lb and measures 89"L with 13"L loadable sleeves. Distance between handles is 12", while the width of the neck padding opening is 10"W. Bar weighs 60 lb.