Cable Lockout

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Unique cable lockout secures storage units, cabinets, drawers, and more.

When it comes to securing drawers, gym or sports equipment, and other supplies, this cable lockout is a great option. The 3'L cable can be looped around handles and secured with a lock. Sturdy construction and free-ranging application make it a must-have for school and other institutions.

Versatile Design

Where traditional padlocks rely on a standard U-shaped bar, this cable lock features a 3'L cable that is easy to configure to meet security requirements. Simply loop the cable through handles or around access areas, returning it back to the lock housing. Pull it tight and lock the housing via a traditional padlock to create security that's only accessible to key holders.

The body of the cable lockout also features 4 lock holes, accommodating multiple locks if needed. The included padlock comes with 2 keys, so multiple users can have access or a spare can be set aside for single users.

Secure Construction

Tough, yet flexible multi-strand steel cabling is not easily cut or damaged, making this lock just as secure as traditional padlocks. The cable has a clear plastic coating to prevent fraying and withstand chemicals or weather, making it ideal for indoor and outdoor use. An integrated safety hasp has a cable-clinching function, which holds the cable tight and removes slack. The included 1-1/2"W padlock is made of powder-coated aluminum with a 1/4" dia shackle.