BulziBuckets Set

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The newest craze in outdoor games has players throw, assist, or hack the bag into the bucket's bulls-eye!

Setup and scoring may mimic traditional beanbag toss, but the strategy behind scoring is anything but! Teams have 3 scoring options with their footbags: 1) Throw the bag into the bucket, 2) Overthrow the bag and your partner assists by kicking it in the bucket, or 3) Hack it! Receive a throw from your partner and hack it twice with your body before it lands in the bucket. No hands are allowed in options 2 or 3 and the "money" bag (w/ 2 dots) is worth double. Plastic buckets include bulls-eye scoring with 3 point levels.

Set includes 2 collapsible buckets (19"H x 19" dia), 6 beanbag footbags, and a storage bag.