Building Dances Resource Set

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Step-by-step resource for teaching and putting movements together.

This dance curriculum helps introduce, develop, and assess the basics of choreography for students ages 8-14. Even if you've never taught or choreographed dance before, Building Dances provides the tools and blueprints you need to make it happen.

Simple Choreography

No experience? No problem! The guidebook takes teachers step-by-step through the choreographic process and includes sample lesson plans, warm-up ideas, and 7 easy steps to follow when building a dance. A ready-to-use deck of Deal-a-Dance cards and updated dance-building activities include lots of new information and 6 new activities. Forms and checklists make assessing the process easier than ever for you and your students.

Detailed, Self-Guided Instruction

The 112 two-sided cards (6" x 9") included in this set help students get involved in creating and assessing their work. The cards provide 224 movement ideas to encourage creativity. Each card presents a definition of a selected movement term, a description of the movement, multiple suggestions for students to try, challenges that encourage them to put movements together to form phrases and dances, and a self-evaluation card. Guidebook includes 128 pages with lesson plans.