BucketBall Set

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Get everyone involved in an exciting bucket toss game—indoors or out—using three types of balls!

Set up a bucket tossing game that's customized to the skills and abilities of those playing it. Arrange 6 buckets in a triangle on each end of the play area. Teachers can choose to place the sets as close or far apart as they wish to accommodate players. Each team stands next to one set of buckets and aims for the buckets opposite of them using the included balls. When a ball lands in a bucket, the bucket is removed from play. The first team to remove all of its buckets wins!

Three types of balls—ranging from small and soft to large and extra bouncy—add a fun challenge or accommodate players of various skill levels. Beginner balls feature a soft cover filled with beans, similar to a hacky sack, preventing them from bouncing or rolling away during game play. At only 2.5" dia, it's easy for hands of any size to hold and throw them. Harder, plastic intermediate balls are similar to table tennis balls, just much larger. They are 3.5" dia, making them the largest balls in the set. 2.5" dia advanced balls provide a livelier and more exciting play experience. They are waterproof, float, and extra bouncy!

Buckets are made of strong, high-impact plastic and have a reinforced rim for added durability. Fill them with sand or water up to the indicator lines inside the buckets for added stability during game play. Stack them, place the balls inside, and place everything inside the included tote bag for easy transportation and compact storage.

Set includes 12 buckets (9"H x 5-1/2" dia base, 8-1/2" dia top), 6 balls (2 Ea Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced), a tote bag, and activity instructions