Brockport Physical Fitness Test Manual

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The most complete and up-to-date guide for fitness testing students with disabilities.

This manual provides the framework for administering fitness assessments to students with disabilities. It includes a BMI chart, body composition and conversion charts, and guidelines for purchasing and constructing unique testing supplies. All activities are compatible with industry-wide fitness assessment programs.

Plenty of Adaptable Assessments

This book helps teachers understand the framework for testing and how to administer tests to students with disabilities. It includes plenty of resources for physical testing of students with disabilities, along with plenty of online resources that provide teachers with helpful charts, forms, and test score calculators. Use the online video clips demonstrate the tests to students, making it easy and more convenient to implement these assessments in your program. This 160-page book features 6 chapters and a variety of helpful resources.



Use of the Term Healthy Fitness Zone


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  • Chapter 1. Introduction to the Brockport Physical Fitness Test
  • Chapter 2. The Conceptual Framework
  • Chapter 3. Using the Brockport Physical Fitness Test
  • Chapter 4. Profiles, Test Selection Guides, Standards, and Fitness Zones
  • Chapter 5. Test Administration and Test Items
  • Chapter 6. Testing Youngsters With Severe Disabilities
  • Appendix A. Body Mass Index (BMI) Chart
  • Appendix B. Purchasing and Constructing Unique Testing Supplies
  • Appendix C. FITNESSGRAM Body Composition Conversion Chart
  • Appendix D. PACER Conversion Chart
  • Appendix E. Data Forms
  • Appendix F. Frequently Asked Questions
  • Appendix G. Teacher and Parent Overview


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