Body-Solid T-Bar Row Machine

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Easily perform T-bar rows without a landmine or barbell.

  • Instantly perform T-bar rows and more without setting up a landmine or barbell.
  • Durable 11-guage steel frame and oversized footplate lend strength and stability to the machine's premium construction.
  • Machine measures 79"L x 42-1/2"W x 18-3/4"H; 163 lb.

Skip the time-consuming setup and immediately start training with one of the most effective movements in fitness using Body Solid's T-Bar Row Machine. Athletes simply step onto the platform and perform T-bar rows, bent-over rows, landmine exercises, and more all on a single machine. Its versatility allows them to work every major muscle in their back, biceps, shoulders, and core without needing to gather additional equipment like landmines or barbells.

A premium oversized footplate keeps users stable throughout long sets and is diamond-plated for ultimate toughness. A wide T-bar with 16"L knurling on both sides allows for wide and close grips, while an eyelet expands versatility with additional bar and handle attachments (not included). Durable 11-gauge steel construction looks great in your gym and keeps athletes rowing for years to come. Machine measures 79"L x 42-1/2"W x 18-3/4"H; 163 lb.