Body Solid Plate-Loaded Machine Set

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Institutional-quality, plate-loaded weight lifting system provides a total body workout.

Create your perfect gym with a custom array of economic Body-Solid Plate-Loaded Machines. Seven fully-adjustable machines combine to offer a customized total-body workout that fits any user.

Each machine is constructed from heavy-duty steel and accepts 2” Olympic plates, making them perfect for institutional use and environments with existing equipment. Ultra-thick DuraFirm upholstery offers the comfort and support needed to ensure proper form and mitigate injuries.

Choose from individual machines or a complete set to take total-body strength training to the next level.


  • Bicep/Triceps: Dual-function design effectively trains triceps and biceps. Raise or lower lifting arm to transition between targeted muscle groups. Adjustable seat. 45”L x 43”W x 40”H; 88 lb.
  • Pec Fly: Dual overhead variable resistance cams allow arms to operate independently, providing unilateral and bilateral chest, back, and shoulder conditioning. High weight capacity and low profile design. Ideal for home and commercial use. 32”L x 28”W x 65”H; 96 lb.
  • Seated Row: Four-way hand-grips adjust target resistance to the middle back and lower lats. Fully adjustable to fit most users. 54”L x 44”W x 39”H; 88 lb.
  • Combo Bench: Features Flat Bench, Incline Bench, Decline Bench, 90° Shoulder Press Bench, and Seated Leg Developer all in one. Multi-position, telescoping uprights safely hold the bar for bench exercises. Adjustable seat. Heavy-heavy 12-gauge steel construction. 77”L x 46”W x 43”H; 112 lb.
  • Leg Press: Targets quads, glutes, and calves without damaging bones and joints. Three lockout positions provide safety and adjustable start/stop positions. 83”L x 34”W x 46”H; 300 lb.
  • Leg Curl/Leg Extension: Fully adjustable 7-gauge steel cam accommodates most users. Pop-pin adjustment raises and lowers lifting arm to easily set start position and seamlessly transition between movements. 8" foam rollers for superior comfort. 49”L x 42”W x 37”H; 105 lb.
  • Lat Pull: Features patented nylon bushings, pop pin adjustments, and bar holders for high and low pulls. A seated-row foot-brace and plate stabilizers add security to this economical and efficient lat machine. Includes Lat bar and Straight bar. 60”L x 32”W x 82”H; 108 lb.

Complete set includes one of each machine.

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