Body Bar Fitness Bar Packs

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Fitness bar packs introduce the whole class to weight training exercises!

These Body Bar fitness bar packs are the complete solution for group settings. Versatile bars are easy to grip and allow for a smooth introduction to weight training. are available in packs with a storage rack (25”W x 39”H x 9”D) and an instructional DVD.

Accommodate Everyone

With 9 levels of resistance, selecting the right bar has never been easier. Our weighted aerobics bars start at just 3 lb and go all the way up to 36 lb, allowing students to scale the resistance based on their capabilities and activity. Each bar has a colored end ring, identifying the weight of each bar for quick selection. 

Extremely Durable

Each durable steel bar is covered in foam rubber to provide a secure and comfortable grip and resist picking, tearing, and other damage that can occur during use or transportation. All bars are 48"L except the 30 lb (60"L) and 36 lb (72"L).

Pack Options

  • Light Pack. Includes 24 Body Bar Fitness Bars (8 ea 3, 6, 9 lb).
  • Medium Pack. Includes 24 Body Bar Fitness Bars (8 ea 6, 9, 12 lb)
  • Heavy Pack. Includes 24 Body bar Fitness Bars (8 ea 12, 15, 18 lb)