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Two levels of play with a customized rolling bocce bag!

This outdoor games set includes all the durable gear your need to play bocce! Our best bocce ball set lets you choose from two levels of play: Prima for beginners or Professionale for official play.

How to Play Bocce

These bocce ball sets include 8 balls and a smaller target ball (pallino). To start, a player tosses the target ball, then other players take turns underhand tossing a ball to get as close as possible to the target. Players score points for each ball that is closer to the target than the closest ball of the opposing team. The first team to 16 points is the winner. The game is excellent for improving hand-eye coordination.

Durable Construction

These heavy-duty balls are very tough and recommended for play outdoors on grass or turf. The Medio Set includes resin balls that are lighter and softer for beginners. The Professionale Set features durable urethane balls with throwing stripes that provide tossers with feedback, ball rotation, and spin during more advanced play.

Set Options

  • Medio Set. Includes 8 small resin balls, 1 pallino, and 1 storage bag. Balls are 100 mm; 980 g (2 lb 6 oz). Ages 6 to adult.
  • Professionale Set. Includes 8 standard-size striped urethane balls, 1 pallino, and 1 storage bag. Balls are 107 mm; 1,200 g (2 lb 11 oz). Ages 12 to adult.