BlazePod School Set

Direct Ship, Expected Ship Date 06/30/2024
Unit:  Set

Allow teachers or coaches to conduct BlazePod workouts without sharing equipment!

The ultimate in BlazePod training! Outfit your physical education teachers with their own equipment, or set up a multi-class agility challenge. Whatever you choose, you eliminate splitting up equipment or keeping track of its location. Convenient wireless pods are small and light—just place on a flat surface and you're set for a full-body speed and agility workout. Batteries run for 10 hours before needing a charge, and LEDs flash in 8 eye-popping colors in a variety of sequences, improving reaction time and problem-solving abilities. Pods also feature a splash-proof exterior and are compatible with an interactive app. The app includes access to hundreds of workouts, instant data tracking, and more.

Not enough? This set includes multiple accessories for varied challenges:

  • Functional Adapters allow users to attach pads to training rigs or other surfaces via straps, or mirrors via suction cups.
  • Cone Adapters set pods atop cones for an easier reach.
  • PodBases remove direct contact with the floor, increasing their use in all weather conditions, as well as the tapping surface area.

Set includes:

  • Pods, 24 Ea
  • Functional Adapter Kits, 24 Ea
  • Cone Adapter Kits, 24 Ea
  • PodBases, 24 Ea
  • Charging Bases, 4 Ea
  • Storage Cases, 4 Ea