Bison Carbon Max Composite Volleyball Systems

As low as $7,699.00
Carbon fiber system with a quick, crank-style internal height adjustment!

Unique Design

One-of-a-kind hybrid system has a 3-1/2" dia upper post made of carbon fiber and a 3" dia aluminum lower post. Quickly adjust the net height with an inner telescoping pole that uses an internal bevel gear, lead screw mechanism, and a non-removable winch handle. The inner telescoping pole includes an engraved net height indicator with markings for men's, women's, and youth leagues.

Easy Adjustments

Use a 26:1 machined aluminum worm gear winch to tighten the top of the net, and a ratchet-style tensioner to tighten the bottom rope. The net's top and bottom ropes have a foam padded cover to keep players safe. Black polypropylene net has 3.5 mm knotless woven webbing, a tough top rope, and a polypropylene bottom rope. Extruded aluminum floor sockets with cast-brass floor plates sold separately.


  • 3-1/2" dia carbon fiber uprights, 3" dia aluminum lower post
  • Adjustable net height from 6'6" to 8'2"H
  • 26:1 worm gear winch
  • Meets NCAA, USVBA, and NFHS standards
  • Specify color on padding
  • Court Options

    • Single System. Includes 2 standards (1 with winch), post pads, competition net, antennas, and chain net height gauge. 130 lb.
    • Two-Court System. Serves as a side-by-side court system. Includes 3 standards (2 with winches), 3 post pads, 2 competition nets, and antennas. 210 lb.