Bison 6-in-1 Adjustable Easy-Up Youth Basketball Goal

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Easily adjusts to 6 heights and mounts on any existing basketball goal!

Quick-adjust system creates a seamless transition from a regulation level basketball ball hoop to a lower option. Easily install it with the your existing backboard system in just minutes to teach players basketball shooting fundamentals!

Adjustable Design

Easily adjust this hoop to accommodate players based on their age and skill. Set this kids' adjustable basketball goal to 6 different heights, ranging from 6-1/2’ to 9’H in 1/2' increments. Varying the height slowly builds younger players up to regulation height goals and gets them familiar with proper technique, instead of just relying on power to make baskets.

The design also extends the goal up to 24” closer to the free throw line, making field goals and three-pointers easier. The combination of adjustments available on both the X- and Y-axis means ideal accommodations for all student ages, from youth to standard levels.

Easy Setup

No tools are required to install this system! One person can easily attach the tubular frame to a standard 10?H goal with a unique cam operated lever. It works with any style of single-rim goals—breakaway or stationary. When play wraps up, the system folds for compact transportation and storage.

Durable and Convenient

Goal is made of ABS plastic for long-term use at any level of play. Because the system doesn’t require extensive modification to your existing backboard system, there’s no need to worry about complications when installing or removing it.