BirdieBall Set

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Set up, teach, and play a 9-hole course in a confined space!

With balls that feel and play just like real golf balls, with a maximum distance of 40 yards, it's easy to teach students the fundamentals of a good swing and contact without wasting time retrieving longer drives. Balls will fly true to hit, allowing students to track hooks or slices with each approach.

StrikePads can be thrown down anywhere for instant action, with convenient targets that offer 360-degree approachability. StrikePads also show proper swing path, helping students practice accurate and powerful drives.

Collapsible targets and flags provide easily visible targets for students to aim for. Place them anywhere for seamless accommodation of age and skill level, and collapse them after use for quick teardown and compact storage.

Complete Set includes 144 BirdieBalls, 9 StrikePads, and 9 Targets/Flags to get the entire class working on their swing and accuracy all at once.