Gopher Biggie! Football

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Supersized, lightweight, soft foam football is in a league of its own!

Supersize your football games with this fun, exciting option your students will love! The surprising light weight and soft construction for a ball of this size make it non-intimidating and a blast for classroom play.

Large and Fun

Give your class an oversized, fun football option for games of all sorts! This large yet lightweight ball allows you to mix things up and add some excitement. Kicking field goals, throwing, and catching has never been as entertaining as you watch other students attempting to perform football skills with a ball that's far larger than standard size!

Quality Construction

  • The composite cover backed with foam adds an extra layer of protection to the ball, keeping it in outstanding condition for longer periods of time.
  • A latex bladder allows the ball to maintain its shape and form at all times while still being soft and friendly. Students will be able to pick the ball up and play right away thanks to its long-lasting air retention!

Extremely Versatile

The ball can be tossed into just about any game to add extra excitement, including giant flag football. This makes the ball great for all age levels, especially in institutional settings. Ball is 24"L x 14"W.