Bear Archery Pack

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A complete assortment of archery equipment for schools, complete with instruction and a mobile storage cart!

Includes absolutely everything you need to teach archery the right way. From bows and arrows to targets and safety gear, your students will get a comfortable introduction to archery that will encourage them to learn the basics and continue to improve as they take an interest in the sport.

The Perfect Introduction to Archery

A full-range archery pack makes it easy to introduce your students to this sport of skill! With 6 bows, 3 self-healing targets, and plenty of arrows, you'll be able to quickly set up and teach students the basics of stance, nocking, aiming, and shooting, whether in pairs or individually.

Armguards and gloves also protect students from string burns and snags keeping confidence high through any shooting session. The ABCs of Archery book covers basic archery skills and equipment in its 31 pages.

Convenient Mobile Storage

This entire archery set fits neatly into the included archery cart for easy storage and transport. The cart itself features a strong 1", 18-gauge steel frame atop 6" dia heavy-duty, all-terrain wheels, making it ideal for transport to and from outdoor ranges. The cart is also weather-resistant, lending longevity to PE programs and archery camps.

Pack includes:

  • Bear® Titan™ Bows, 3 Ea
  • Bear® Firebird™ Bows, 3 Ea
  • Safety Fiberglass Arrows - 28"L, Set of 72
  • Self-Healing Ethafoam Targets - 36" dia, 3 Ea
  • Target Faces - 36" dia, 3 Ea
  • Heavy-Duty Tripod Target Stands, 3 Ea
  • Armguards, 6 Ea
  • Archery Quivers, 3 Ea
  • Storage Cart, 1 Ea
  • ABCs of Archery Book, 1 Ea