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Battle of Heroes Dodgeballs

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Defend your team and save the world absorbing special powers from superhero-themed balls!

Let your inner superhero come out and play! Coated-foam dodgeballs with superhero powers add an extra level of fun and strategy to team games. Red gives players fire power, orange is a super shield, yellow heals, green is super strength, blue is ice to freeze villains, and purple is invisibility. Each ball features graphics to remind players of its ability. Teammates assemble to protect each other during superhero games, while also attempting to defeat the other team. For example, when a player is knocked out by the fire ball, a teammate needs to tag them with the ice ball to save them and bring them back into the game. The last team standing is the champion.

Coated-foam balls are soft and friendly, making them ideal for dodgeball, as well as target or toss and catch games. At 7" dia, the balls are easy to hold and control by players of any age. Available in a Rainbow Set of 6 or in a Class Set of 24 with a VersaBag mesh storage bag. Both sets include activity instructions with ideas on how to incorporate the balls into superhero-themed games.