Baggs Beanbag Toss Mat Set

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Jumbo vinyl beanbag game mat go anywhere!

Just like the common backyard game corn hole, students toss the bags toward the mat. They try to land them on the printed board for 1 point or on the "hole" for 3 points. If the bag lands off the board, the player doesn't earn any points. An included set of activity instructions features 4 game variations.

Heavy-duty vinyl mats are durable, water resistant, and easily wipe clean during use indoors and out. Full-color graphics look like actual boards used during traditional corn hole games, without the need to transport or store large board. Setup is also easy! Simply unfold the mat, put it in place, and you're ready to go! Set includes 2 mats (3-1/2'L x 2-2/3'W), 12 beanbags (6 Ea red, blue), and activity instructions.