Backyard Bass Casting Pack

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Students can hook the big one on the playground or in the gym!

You don’t need a fishing hole to practice your casting! Simply place plastic Backyard Bass on nearly any surface, indoors or out, and students can practice their casting. Safety casting plugs (with no hooks) fit on the fishing lines and attach to the plastic fish.

Learn to Cast

Backyard Bass includes plastic casting targets shaped like fish that are used to teach casting techniques and improve accuracy. Simply place these plastic fish on the ground or float them in a pond, and begin practicing! Snag the fish with the safe casting plugs (no hooks included) and reel them on in!

Each package includes 12 bass in a variety of colors, so teachers can design different games to add variety and challenges to the activity. Make color-coordinated groups, or have students only go after specific colors!

All Ages

These learning tools help teach students how to cast accurately at certain distances. They are ideal for all ages, but especially for people without much experience fishing. Use the pack indoors or out, increasing the difficulty depending on the setting.