Autism Visual Exercise Systems

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Complete systems feature visuals to improve communication and provide reassuring structure to exercise programs for students with autism.

Visual Exercise Systems (VES) help students see exercises and learn how to be active, while also minimizing the risk of cardiovascular disease, muscle degeneration, diabetes, and other long-term ailments. Packs feature color-coordinated small (2” x 2”) and large (8-1/2” x 11”) visuals with matching images that look like real people doing real exercises, giving students better understanding of the activities. Four unique systems include manuals for easy implementation, along with accompanying exercise stories/worksheets that reinforce lessons.

Benefits of Visual Systems

Research shows that visual supports, in the form of a drawing, picture, written words, lists, or even objects, are effective methods of communication. This is especially true for people on the autism spectrum. Visual instruction and stimulation is paramount in bridging any communication gaps and provides students with an adapted method of learning and executing to the fullest.

Packs include small visuals with hook-and-loop fasteners on back for use with included exercise schedules, first-then sequential activity boards, and countdown boards. Hold or post large visuals for the entire class to reference and clearly communicate an adapted activity. All visuals and boards provide structure, communicate expectations, and signify time passing.

Pack includes:

  • Five Component Pack. Covers body image, posture, motor coordination, muscular fitness, cardiovascular fitness, and bonus abdominal strength. Pack pushes total body fitness, acclimating students with general exercises and focused activities for personal betterment. Includes 202 exercise/activity visuals.
  • Fitness Room Pack. Demonstrates how to use common fitness room machines. Welcoming, non-intimidating introduction takes the fear out of approaching weight machines and other seemingly complex equipment, to help associate fitness with friendliness. Includes 27 exercise/activity visuals.
  • Sports Pack. Teaches fundamental skills of 12 sports, emphasizing proper technique and core game principles. Sports include football, swimming, soccer, jumping, running, tennis, volleyball, hockey, badminton, flexibility, bowling, and cup stacking. Includes 127 exercise/activity visuals.
  • Yoga Pack. teaches movements that enhance flexibility and teach students relaxation techniques. Includes mats that are friendly and accommodating, helping students find balance and calmness while they stretch and strengthen muscles. Includes 31 exercise/activity visuals.