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Autism Fitness Handbook & DVD

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Book outlines dozens of fitness activities for students with autism.

The Autism Fitness Handbook and DVD highlights important concepts and introduces teachers to an assortment of ideas designed to inspire cognitive and motor development in children with autism. This 168-page book features simple instruction and visuals for 46 exercises.

Author David S. Geslak, the founder and director of Exercise Connection Corporation, has been developing programs for individuals with autism spectrum disorders since 2004. He is determined to help them live healthier, more active lives.


  • Part One: Engage
    • Exercise: The Gateway to Build Fitness, Self-Esteem, and Relationships
  • Part Two: Educate
    • The Five Components of Physical Fitness - Revisited
    • Setting up an Individualized Program
    • Creating Individual Visual Exercise Schedules
  • Part Three: Empower
    • Champion Stories
  • Part Four: Exercise
    • Body Image
      • Body Part Identification
      • The Pretzel
      • Stability Ball Hug
      • Arm
      • Foot
    • Posture
      • Calf Stretch
      • Hip Extensions
      • Log Exercises
      • Dog
      • Frankensteins
    • Motor Coordination
      • Ladder Drills
      • Ball Catch (Large & Small)
      • Crossover March
      • Crossover March with Elbows
      • Letter Jumping
    • Muscular Fitness
      • Dumbbell Chest Press
      • Single Arm Dumbbell Row
      • Standing Band Row (Two Hands)
      • Medicine Ball Series
    • Abdominal Strength
      • Superman Series
      • Push-Up Hold
      • Elbows ā€œnā€ Toes
      • Partner Crunch
    • Cardiovascular Fitness
      • Running Mechanics
      • Treadmill
      • Cone Running
      • Exercise Bike
      • Trampoline
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