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At-Home Resistance Training Packs

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Resistance training at home with tubing offers many benefits other equipment simply cannot!

Simple but effective resistance band and tubing pack offers a cost-effective alternative to dumbbells, bars and other weight training equipment. Great for resistance training for kids and and more experienced users alike, tubing and bands allow users to easily perform or modify traditional exercises with a resistance level that meets their needs. Get a great full body workout and then easily store the tubes and bands in a fraction of the space needed for other equipment. Pack features ultra-safe ProTex tubing with a protective sheath that keeps the tubes from being overstretched or damaged during use. Brawn bands are seamless latex rubber strength bands that are great for strength training, stretching, or speed training.

Pack Options

  • Light. Includes 1 ea UltraFit ProTex Resistance Tubing (Light, Green), UltraFit ProTex Resistance Tubing (Medium, Red), Brawn Band (X-Light, Black).
  • Heavy. Includes UltraFit ProTex Resistance Tubing (Medium, Red), UltraFit ProTex Resistance Tubing (Heavy, Blue), Brawn Band (Light, Purple).